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  • The Back Bar


    The Back Bar

    • Perfect for jogging, cycling, mountain biking, BMX and motorcycling.
    • For use when driving or motorcycling, do not exceed 80km/h on smooth roads or 40km/h off-road.
    • The bundle with Invisible Selfie Stick includes an 70cm Invisible Selfie Stick and Waist Strap.
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 525mm x195mm x 90.5mm.
    • Minimal Diameter: 164mm; Maximum Diameter: 315mm.
    • GO 3 must be assembled with the Quick Release Mount.
    • GO 2 must be assembled with the Action Mount Adapter.
    • Do not use the Back Bar for water sports!
    • Waist Strap maximum size :105cm (40").
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