Zeolite 2 GT
Zeolite 2 GT


Zeolite 2 GT

Our new high performance light XC glider. 

This new model is derived from the wing flown by our athletes in the last X-Alps.

Like its predecessor, the Zeolite2 GT is a more durable version of the the ultralight hike & fly racing machine, the Zeolite2 XD, flown with great success by our pilots Damien Lacaze, Maxime Pinot, Pal Takats and Michal Gierlach in the this year's X-Alps race. The development process pulled technology from both the Photon and the race wing. 

The initial Zeolite GT was a big success and this new iteration offers significantly improved performance in accelerated flight, improved agility and handling, whilst keeping the same low weight.

The good news is that this wing now comes in 5 sizes to cater for a wider weight range. We wanted pilots to be able to enjoy this great glider as soon as possible, so we are now releasing sizes MS and ML. Certification is in process for the other sizes, they will be released shortly and we will keep you informed of their arrival.

For hike and fly competitors or those who want the lightest possible kit we will shortly be releasing a lighter version, the Zeolite2, in sizes XS, S and MS.

Production times are currently around 30 days for this model, hence a fast order will make sure that you will get this wing in time for the hike and fly season. Please check you order form for more details.



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