Ozone Ultralite 5
Ozone Ultralite 5
Ozone Ultralite 5
Ozone Ultralite 5


Ozone Ultralite 5

The Ultralite series has been the reference for hike and fly wings for nearly two decades, and the Ultralite4 is probably the most successful wing of all time in this class. A lot has happened since its release, and all of this technological evolution have been included in the new Ultralite5, which is lighter and higher performing than ever.

The all new Ultralite5 features an incredible 0.8 glide performance increase and 7kmh speed increase while being 100g lighter than its predecessor. With the addition of 2 new sizes, the range now spans from 13m² to 25m², covering every pilot and every mode of ascent & descent (see spec chart below).

An all new Ultralite-specific SharkNose is the core of this next generation design. It has improved the inflation, performance, comfort, and ease of use. The take-off sequence of the Ultralite5 is massively improved - you will be airborne in fewer steps than ever, an important factor for mountain take-offs.

A new arc has made the wing more compact, with more intuitive and direct handling. New panel shaping and an improved wing twist have reduced drag significantly, improving True Performance and efficiency with no cost to safety.

The Ultralite5 weighs only 1.76kg in the 17m² size, the 15m² and 13m² (load test only) weigh in at just 1.59kg and 1.42kg respectively.

Whether you are obsessed with ultra-light wings for run & fly, hike & fly, or mountaineering, or just looking for your first ultralight setup, the Ultralite5 is the perfect answer.

The Ultralite5 will shortly be available in sizes 13m² to 25m² on the order form. Production times are expected to be around 30 days from the time of launch.



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