Flying a MOUSTACHE is so much fun, so we do understand that it's tempting to just grab it and give it a try.

But while "flaring" – as we do call it – looks like usual paragliding, it really isn't. Habits which keep you safe while paragliding, can get you in troubles. Trust us, the time spent to watch all of our tutorials will pay off a thousand times.

Please note that no online video can replace a proper in-person training by our Pro Partners.

We really can't wait to hear your feedback how your first flight has been, but the most important thing is, that you will enjoy many many more...

Stay safe!

Inflating and Takeoff

The MOUSTACHE can be used in various conditions and for different styles and disciplines of flying. To get into the air safely, no matter if you use skis or have very strong winds, find out about the techniques and differences we recommend.


Practice makes perfect! As for everything else, this is true for "flaring" as well. We did a lot of testing and will share the insights of hours of groundhandling sessions. If you master your skills, possibilities are almost endless where you can fly a MOUSTACHE.

Flying and Landing

The FLARE system offers new opportunities where, when and how we can fly. Trust our pro pilot Beni Kälin who will share his learnings from more than 500 flights so far to make sure you get the most out of your wing in the air and that you will come down safely as well.


No matter where you fly, the MOUSTACHE is most fun if you fly close to the ground and if you play with the lines mother nature offers. Therefore it's really important that you understand the basics and especially the differences of the FLARE system to stay safe.


The FLARE system allows you to fly when normal paragliders are not able to do so anymore. Find out why and how different the wind situation needs to be evaluated, depending if you are soaring coastal lines or follow the shapes of the mountains.


Size does matter! For the MOUSTACHE not only weight and wind speed are important for your decision. There is as well a difference in how you want to use it. The right size is the key in terms of safety and how much fun you will have.