What functions will be onboard?

We decided to use the same strategy of the successful story of SkyDrop vario. We offer high end vario, but with limited functionality at the beginning.

The early SkyDrop adopters might remember our promises 6 years ago, that better and better functions will come - and they came! During the years, SkyDrop became the most powerful vario in its class. Programming software is very time consuming and you can do it just after some hardware already exists.

Therefore we decided to place on market vario, which is just like new baby, fresh, cute, but not very skilled. Strato was born with its predecessor genome - It has all functions like SkyDrop vario, but it has many times more space and capabilities for new advanced features. Pilots who believe in our skills and buy early pieces of Strato for a low starting price can look forward to see how our vario will quickly grow up its value. We will raise its price according to upcoming functions. Of course, all updates are for free, as always here at SkyBean :)

Physical parameters:

  • weight 180 g
  • dimensions 138 x 58 x 24 mm
  • battery 5000 mAh,  20 h fly time
  • memory 32 Gb

Hardware spec:

  • Measurement Specialties - MS5803 barometer
  • u-blox - NEO-M8Q GNSS receiver
  • ST - LSM9DS1 IMU
  • Espressif - ES1ESP32 WiFi/Bluetooth module and audio coprocessor
  • ST - STM32H7A MCU
  • ask for more if you are interested :)
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