Flare Countour Harness
Flare Countour Harness
Flare Countour Harness
Flare Countour Harness


Flare Countour Harness

The CONTOUR is a simple loop strap harness that meets the high demands of parakiting in the fields of Soaring, Snowkiting, Speedflying and -riding. It is light, comfortable, solid and also equipped with an LTF 91/09 certified PERMAIR protector.

The seat shell perfectly encloses the body and ensures a high comfort with low weight. When designing the geometry and flight dynamics, care was taken to ensure that the harness is intuitive, easy and safe to handle while coastal-soaring as well as in alpine conditions.

Since FLARE harness for our parakites do not require accelerators and disturbing pulleys the CONTOUR could be reduced in weight even further. The minimalistic designed back pocket with 15-liter capacity offers space for your packbag, the mouthpiece for filling the PERMAIR protector and small items for everyday use.

The PERMAIR protector combines the advantages of foam and ram air protectors. PERMAIR offers maximum damping with minimal weight and space requirement in the bag pack.

The modular design of the CONTOUR allows to separate the protector from the seat shell with just a few simple steps.



PERMAIR Protector

At the very top of our to-do-list for the CONTOUR-development was the integration of the Skywalk PERMAIR-Technology, in order to offer one of the most lightweight LTF 91/09 certified harnesses. The CONTOURs weight and packing size are thus specifically optimized for FLARE pilots.


Easy Handling

The CONTOUR eliminates bulky buckles and adjustment straps. The elastic shoulder straps adapt to your size, ensure an optimal fit during the launch phase and rest comfortably on your shoulders in the air. Red and blue marked seams in the loops improve the overview while small Salewa sling protectors prevent the carabiners from twisting in the straps. In flight, insulation foam in the complete seat and elastic curved and comfortable tubes left and right aside your legs ensure an extremely comfortable fit and counteract the cold.


Go FLARE Ultralight

The packing size of the CONTOUR is ultra-compact. A small, narrow pocket stores the ultra-lightweight harness and lets you pack it inside your Dreamcatcher backpack together with your MOUSTACHE. Its unisize covers body sizes from 1,65 to 1,95 meters. That's all you need!


The further development of Skywalks PERMAIR protector generation has a practical inflate/deflate check valve that makes the filling of your protector significantly easier. PERMAIR 2.0 protectors can be inflated in a minimalist way via the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece includes a moisture filter to minimize the introduction of moisture and is already included in the CONTOUR scope of delivery.



In terms of safety, comfort and innovation, the FLARE CONTOUR is at the absolute leading edge of development in the market for ultralight harnesses.

It cost us a lot of time to develop this harness, but it was also a lot of  fun.

In this development we recognize the challenge of making the right product for every area and individual taste.

We are pleased if you notice this during your first flight and if you feel a certain unity with your glider from the very beginning..



The CONTOUR is certified to to EN 1651/1999 and additionally to LTF91/09 with PERMAIR protector.

The CONTOUR is defined as a lightweight sport aircraft with an empty weight of less than 100kg in the paraglider category.

The many homologation tests are the last hurdle in the development of a FLARE harness.

The homologation tests only take place when the test team is completely happy with the harness development.

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