Zeolite2 GT: Unveiling Ozone High-Performance Light XC Glider

Introducing the latest addition to our lineup of exceptional paragliders - the Zeolite2 GT. This cutting-edge model is the culmination of innovation and experience, born from the wings that powered our athletes to greatness in the recent X-Alps competition. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Zeolite2 GT is set to redefine the boundaries of performance, durability, and agility in the world of ultralight hike & fly racing gliders.

Derived from the wings flown by our remarkable athletes in the X-Alps, the Zeolite2 GT carries the legacy of excellence. Notably, it shares its lineage with the Zeolite2 XD, a true ultralight hike & fly racing marvel that proved its mettle in the hands of pilots like Damien Lacaze, Maxime Pinot, Pal Takats, and Michal Gierlach during this year's intense X-Alps race. Drawing inspiration from the advancements of both the Photon and the race wing, the development process of the Zeolite2 GT has been a harmonious fusion of technology and expertise.

The original Zeolite GT garnered substantial praise, and the new iteration takes performance to soaring heights. Enhanced agility, improved handling, and unparalleled performance in accelerated flight are just some of the remarkable traits that the Zeolite2 GT boasts. This exceptional glider maintains its featherlight weight, ensuring that pilots experience the thrill of flight without compromise.

But that's not all. The Zeolite2 GT caters to a wider range of pilots by offering five distinct sizes. We recognize the diverse needs of paragliding enthusiasts and want you to experience the magic of this glider as soon as possible. As of now, the MS and ML sizes are available for immediate purchase. For other sizes, the certification process is underway and their release is just around the corner. We are committed to keeping you updated about their availability.

Are you a hike and fly competitor or an enthusiast who craves the lightest possible equipment? We have exciting news for you. Soon, we'll be launching a lighter variant - the Zeolite2. This version, available in sizes XS, S, and MS, is designed to cater to those who seek the ultimate in lightweight gear without compromising performance.

We understand that timing is crucial, especially for those eager to embrace the hike and fly season. With a current production timeline of around 30 days for this model, placing an order swiftly ensures you'll have the Zeolite2 GT in your hands just in time for your high-flying adventures. For detailed information, please refer to the order form.

Innovation, performance, and dedication converge in the Zeolite2 GT, a glider that embodies the spirit of paragliding excellence. Get ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled thrill and grace with this exceptional wing. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or an adventurous soul seeking the thrill of the skies, the Zeolite2 GT is poised to redefine your paragliding experience. Stay tuned for more updates and soar to new horizons with the Zeolite2 GT.