Soaring to New Heights: Introducing the Ozone Freeride 2 Paramotor Wing

FREERIDE 2: Elevating Excitement in Paramotor Slalom Racing

Paramotoring is an exhilarating sport that combines the freedom of flight with the thrill of speed. For advanced pilots seeking the ultimate experience in slalom racing, the Freeride 2 by Ozone is a wing that delivers unparalleled agility, precision, and efficiency. Positioned between the Viper and Speedster models in the Ozone range, the Freeride 2 strikes the perfect balance between performance and comfort, ensuring an unforgettable flying experience.

Unleash Your Potential with the Freeride 2

Designed for high-level slalom pilots and those craving dynamic flight characteristics, the Freeride 2 is a wing that takes paramotoring to new heights. Its faster top speed, responsive handling, and agile maneuverability make it the perfect choice for carving aggressive lines and enjoying freestyle flying. This wing is the epitome of fun and high-performance, providing an adrenaline rush while maintaining stability and ease of use.

A Wing for the Experienced Pilot

The Freeride 2 is tailored for advanced pilots who are looking to push their limits and explore the full potential of their skills. It serves as a natural progression for those who have mastered the Speedster but still want a step up before transitioning to the Viper 5. With its dynamic flight characteristics and increased responsiveness, the Freeride 2 offers an exciting and thrilling flying experience for those who seek it.

Slalom Racing at its Best with the Freeride 2 Comp

For top-level slalom racing pilots, the Freeride 2 Comp version is the ultimate tool. This specialized variant features unsheathed lines and more radical PK risers, making it one of the most advanced wings designed specifically for slalom racing. If you're a competitive pilot seeking to dominate the racecourse, the Freeride 2 Comp will undoubtedly be your weapon of choice.

Technological Innovations for Enhanced Performance

The Freeride 2 incorporates several advanced features and technologies to ensure exceptional performance and stability throughout the flight. It retains the OZRP profile, which includes shark nose openings and high levels of CM+ (reflex) within the Ozone range. This profile, combined with a pure 4-line rigging design and a new internal structure, enhances the wing's aerodynamics and increases internal pressure for improved behavior in turbulence.

To further optimize efficiency, the Freeride 2 utilizes mini-ribs, 3D panel shaping, and finely tensioned plastic rods for a clean and wrinkle-free leading edge. These design elements contribute to the wing's overall stability, resistance to spins at higher angles of attack, and forgiving behavior in challenging conditions.

Riser Design for Intuitive Control

The Freeride 2 comes equipped with new-style risers featuring intuitive color coding, maillon line keepers, magnetic-lock brake handle clips, and brake handles with twist-preventing swivels. These enhancements not only simplify control inputs but also improve the overall flying experience. Additionally, the risers include the Ozone PK system as standard, with the option to install either 2D or "Mateos" style Slalom Steering Systems for customized handling.

Quality Materials for Durability and Performance

Ozone prides itself on using high-quality materials in the construction of its wings, and the Freeride 2 is no exception. The top surface cloth is made of Dominico 30D, while the bottom surface cloth is constructed with Dominico N20D for optimal durability and performance. The rib cloth, crafted from Porcher 9017 E29, ensures excellent rigidity, further enhancing the wing's stability and responsiveness. The upper, mid, and lower lines are sourced from Edel