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  • The Ozone Freeride 2: A High-Performance Wing for Dynamic Pilots

    Are you an experienced paramotor pilot searching for a wing that combines speed, precision, and efficiency? Look no further than the Ozone Freeride 2. Sitting between the Viper and Speedster within the Ozone range, this wing is designed specifically for slalom racing and is the most agile and dynamic of all Ozone paramotor wings.

    The Freeride 2 is perfect for advanced pilots who want a fast, efficient, and dynamic wing for low-level carving, freestyle, and fun flying. It features the OZRP profile, which includes shark nose openings and the highest levels of CM+ (reflex) within the Ozone range. The pure 4-line rigging design and new internal structure carefully control the angle of attack and increase the chord-wise cohesion of the sail while accelerated.

    The new style risers feature a new color coding to differentiate the risers, new maillon line keepers, magnetic-lock brake handle clips, and new brake handles with twist-preventing swivels. As standard, there is an Ozone PK system built into the risers and an option to install either 2D or “Mateos” style Slalom Steering Systems.

    The Freeride 2 is also available in a Competition version, tuned specifically for top-level slalom racing pilots, and featuring unsheathed lines and more radical PK risers.

    Overall, the Freeride 2 is a fun and efficient high-performance wing that delivers excitement without compromising comfort and stability. So if you're ready to take your flying to the next level, the Freeride 2 may be the perfect wing for you.