Soaring to New Heights with the Ozone Geo 7: A Paraglider's Dream Come True

Paragliding enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an exhilarating experience as we unveil the marvel that is the Ozone Geo 7. This cutting-edge paraglider is not just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to the innovation and expertise that define the Ozone brand. Let's dive into the features and capabilities that make the Geo 7 a standout in the world of paragliding.

The Evolution of Excellence

The Geo 7 is the latest jewel in Ozone's crown, representing the pinnacle of a series that has consistently pushed the boundaries of performance, safety, and design. Building on the success of its predecessors, the Geo 7 introduces a slew of advancements that redefine what's possible in the beginner-intermediate category.

Feather-Light, Unmatched Performance

One of the most notable features of the Geo 7 is its remarkable weight reduction without compromising on performance. Through a meticulous global optimization process, Ozone engineers have achieved a design that sets a new standard for lightweight paragliders. This makes the Geo 7 the go-to wing for pilots who crave agility, precision, and top-tier XC performance.

Innovations that Soar

  1. Redesigned Planform: The Geo 7's planform boasts increased wing sweep, enhancing roll stability and delivering an unparalleled flying experience. It's not just a wing; it's a symphony of aerodynamic perfection.

  2. Rib Alignment Revolution: Ozone's commitment to airflow efficiency is evident in the revamped rib alignment. The result? A paraglider that cuts through the air with finesse, offering a smoother, more controlled flight.

  3. Tab Positioning Precision: The Geo 7 introduces optimized tab positioning, enhancing stability during accelerated flight. Pilots can now navigate with confidence, knowing that their wing responds precisely to their commands.

  4. Leading Edge Mastery: The leading edge construction has undergone a transformation, incorporating more reinforcement for a cleaner profile. This not only contributes to improved aerodynamics but also elevates the Geo 7's overall durability.

  5. Line Rigging Excellence: A new line rigging system ensures optimal load distribution, boosting the wing's agility and responsiveness. Every detail is crafted to provide pilots with an unmatched sense of control.

  6. Trailing Edge Perfection: Panel shaping in the trailing edge enhances handling and brake response. Pilots will experience a more direct and linear response, translating their inputs into seamless, intuitive maneuvers.

Strength in Structure, Lightness in Flight

Beneath the sleek and aerodynamic exterior lies an internal structure engineered for both lightness and longevity. The Geo 7 features a smart blend of durable 32g and 40g cloth, with Dominico N20D LE and N10D main surfaces. The result? A paraglider that is 1.4kg lighter than its predecessor, the Buzz Z7, and 125g lighter than the Geo 6, all without compromising on strength or durability.

Tailored for the Passionate Pilot

Designed with a specific pilot profile in mind, the Geo 7 caters to those who log 30 to 50 hours of airtime annually. Whether you're embarking on travel adventures, engaging in hike & fly escapades, or pursuing cross-country flights, the Geo 7 is your ideal companion. It strikes the perfect balance between performance and passive safety, ensuring that your paragliding experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Your Wing, Your Way

The customization options for the Geo 7 add another layer of appeal. Pilots can choose between the ultra-lightweight Linklites option or opt for conventional steel maillons, adding around 100 grams to the total weight. It's all about tailoring the paragliding experience to suit individual preferences and styles.

Soar Fearlessly with the Geo 7

In conclusion, the Ozone Geo 7 is more than a paraglider; it's a statement of Ozone's commitment to excellence. Every aspect of its design reflects a passion for pushing the limits, a dedication to safety, and an unwavering pursuit of performance perfection. So, if you're ready to elevate your paragliding experience to new heights, embrace the skies with the Ozone Geo 7 and soar fearlessly into the future of flight.