Reaching New Heights with Zeolite 2: The Ultimate Ultra-Light Glider Upgrade

Ozone Zeolite 2

Meet the Zeolite 2, the upgraded version of the renowned Zeolite glider. For adventurers and hike & fly competitors who demand the very best, this glider sets new standards in terms of weight, performance, and comfort. In this blog, we'll explore the outstanding features of the Zeolite 2 that make it the go-to choice for those who want to reach new heights.

Unveiling Zeolite 2

Zeolite 2 is the glider of choice for ambitious adventurers and competitors. It's the upgraded version of the beloved Zeolite, and it's designed to offer unbeatable performance and lightness.

Ultra-Light Design

Weighing in at only 3kg (size MS), Zeolite 2 retains its predecessor's remarkable lightness. Whether you're ascending steep trails or preparing for an adventure race, this glider won't burden you. It's your perfect companion for hike & fly.

Enhanced Performance

Thanks to an increased cell count, Zeolite 2 offers significantly improved performance. Glide through the skies effortlessly and confidently. Whether you're racing or leisurely soaring, this glider takes your experience to new heights.

Cohesive Comfort

The new architecture, similar to the Photon glider, ensures a smooth and comfortable flight experience, even in strong winds. Athletes who've put Zeolite 2 to the test, including those in the Redbull X-Alps, praise its seamless handling.

Stunning Design

Zeolite 2 doesn't just perform exceptionally; it also looks the part. Available in two standard colors with a design inspired by the race wing, this glider combines functionality with aesthetics, ensuring you look good in the sky.


Zeolite 2, the upgraded version of Zeolite, is the ultimate glider for adventurers and hike & fly enthusiasts. It redefines lightweight gliding with enhanced performance and comfort, making it a top choice for those who aspire to new heights. With its striking design inspired by the race wing, Zeolite 2 is more than just a glider; it's a piece of art that makes you stand out in the sky. Fly light, fly fast, and experience the skies like never before with Zeolite 2.