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  • Rapido 3: Soaring to New Heights of Speed and Performance


    If you're a thrill-seeking pilot in search of the ultimate speed and swoop performance, look no further than the Ozone Rapido 3. This turbocharged evolution of the Rapi-Dos takes high-performance flying to new heights, delivering unprecedented speed, power, and versatility without compromising stability and comfort. Whether you're an experienced pilot aiming to push your limits or a seasoned speed rider seeking the next level of excitement, the Rapido 3 is designed to exceed your expectations.

    Unparalleled Versatility

    One of the standout features of the Rapido 3 is its exceptional versatility. It boasts the widest glide range among wings in its class, allowing for extended flights and improved overall performance. This wing offers an incredibly easy launch and an unmatched feeling of stability throughout your flight. Even in the advanced category, the Rapido 3 surpasses its competitors by a significant margin. Whether you're flying trimmed flat for enhanced glide performance or trimmed steep for exhilarating dives and carves, the Rapido 3 delivers an unforgettable experience.

    Technological Ingenuity

    The Rapido 3 incorporates innovative design and technology to maximize drag reduction and efficiency. This translates into remarkable speed and glide improvements, making it the ideal choice for pilots who crave high performance. With a new line set and finely tuned sail tension, the Rapido 3 offers an expanded glide range while maintaining exceptional stability at low angles of attack. Ozone's relentless pursuit of excellence shines through in the Rapido 3's technological advancements.

    Lightweight and Durable Construction

    Engineered with precision, the Rapido 3 features laser-cut crossports that reduce weight without compromising durability. By strategically removing excess material, Ozone has achieved a lighter sail, resulting in improved agility and maneuverability. The main surface material ensures longevity, guaranteeing that the Rapido 3 will withstand the rigors of regular use for many years to come. This not only provides peace of mind but also contributes to easier launches, more agile barrel rolls, faster diving carves, and a higher resale value.

    For the Ambitious Pilot

    The Rapido 3 is specifically designed for speed riding pilots who have already gained considerable experience flying highly loaded intermediate wings, such as the Fazer series. This wing's exceptional speed, dynamic handling, and swoop capabilities enable pilots to progress to the highest levels of the sport. If you're ready to take your skills to new heights and unleash your full potential as a speed rider, the Rapido 3 is the perfect wing to accompany you on your journey.

    Tailored Wingloading and Size Options

    The Rapido 3 comes in a range of sizes from 6m to 15m. However, it's important to note that the 6m size is exclusively intended for expert pilots who possess previous experience with the Rapido series. Sizes 8 through 13 should be selected based on wingloading and experience level, while the 15m size offers accessibility to a wider range of skill levels. Ozone ensures that there is a Rapido 3 size suitable for every ambitious pilot.

    Package Contents and Optional Add-ons

    When you order your OZONE Rapido 3 wing, you'll receive a standard package that includes various accessories to enhance your flying experience. Additionally, Ozone offers optional add-ons to customize your order according to your preferences. You may choose to include the Saucisse Bag, a convenient concertina packing bag, the Glider Backpack for easy transportation, the Easy Bag for quick stuff sack storage, or explore the wide range of OZONE clothing and accessories to complete your gear collection.

    In conclusion, the Ozone Rapido 3 is a game-changer in the world of speed riding and high-performance flying. With its exceptional speed