Ozone Rush 6 is here!

Ozone has released the latest installment in the Rush series, the Rush 6! It represents a massive improvement over the previous version in every respect. The design has been evolved from the highly successful Delta4 and brings all the performance elements from this category to the EN B pilot. 

The main changes compared to the Rush5 are:

- New profile and internal structure

- Hybrid 3/2 line design with 2 lines at the wingtip

- ACR system for riser steering (from the Mantra and Delta series)

- Slightly higher aspect ratio (5.7)

- Lighter glider weight

- Better inflation in low winds

All these improvements combine to make the Rush6 a real "baby Delta4" with trademark handling, high passive safety and useable top speed, suitable for pilots who fly at least 50 hours a year.   

The release of this latest Rush wing comes 3 years after Rush 5.  And according to Xcmag website,

“ The Rush 5 is a remarkable wing in that it combines a very comfortable secure feel with top-class performance. It doesn’t feel very demanding to fly, even in the choppy conditions I “enjoyed” during the review period.

Its ability to serenely cut through the turbulence and enter thermals without much input will keep the stress levels low. That, combined with good performance and efficiency when pushing on bar, makes for a great cross-country wing for those upgrading from mid-Bs and those who are moving down from higher-class wings. It’s a wing that is hard to fault, a finished product as you would expect from a quality brand. “ (https://xcmag.com/paraglider-reviews/ozone-rush-5-review-en-b/)

With that review on an older wing then we can only expect nothing less from Rush 6.  In paragliding and in life I think we can all say, given time and experience if you’re really putting your heart into it, there is no way but Up!