Unleashing the Fun and Agility of Paragliding with Ozone's LiteSpeed 3 Mini-Wing


Looking for a lightweight, versatile and efficient paraglider that offers a fun, dynamic flying experience? Look no further than the Ozone LiteSpeed 3!

This agile wing features an efficient design and low pack volume, making it ideal for a wide range of conditions, from calm-wind proximity flying to big-mountain hike-and-fly and high-wind soaring. It's agile handling and comfortable glide performance make it an excellent choice for pilots of all skill levels.

The easy inflation and intuitive ground-handling characteristics of the LiteSpeed 3 make for graceful transitions into the flight, whether you're launching from a technical alpine launch, a windy dune or a nil-wind descent.

Constructed with a combination of the well-proven Porcher Skytex 27gr and Dominco N20D sail cloths, this lightweight glider offers exceptional durability. The wing is equipped with trimmers and a speed system that can be used individually or together and is also available with optional ultralight risers and brake toggles.

Litespeed 3

Ozone's competition-dominating performance paragliders inspire the LiteSpeed 3's design, delivering "True Performance" in accelerated flight. It comes with a Certificate of Origin, Riser Bag containing repair fabric & stickers, Bottle Opener, Key Ring, Glider tie and Compression Bag (new model).

If you're looking for a reliable, fun, versatile paraglider that delivers accurate performance, look no further than the Ozone LiteSpeed 3!