Ozone launches Viper 5

Long anticipated modern Viper 5 is at last here! 

"The Viper 5 is a high performance wing designed for classic competitions and long distance XC flying which is suitable for advanced pilots who are ready to take their flying to the next level.

Like its predecessors the Viper 5 features a classic 3-line layout with the Ozone half-PK risers and 2D steering systems. Clear improvements have been made in both sink rate performance and maximum top speed. The Viper 5 is a solid, fast platform which is approximately 10 km/h faster than the Viper 4 and with improved stability throughout the speed range.

With the trimmers set in the slow position the wing is at its most efficient with excellent sink rate and glide performance requiring very little engine power for level flight. The slow setting is perfect for thermalling and any situation when the pilot needs maximum glide. With the trimmers set to in the middle, the Viper 5 becomes more dynamic, with fast reactions and agile handling, especially when flown at higher wing loadings. With the trimmers open the Viper 5 becomes a real speed machine, ideal for long distance flights.

The Viper 5 is the perfect choice for competition pilots and those who are searching for the highest levels of performance for long cross country expeditions."