Experience Maximum Stability and Fun with the Ozone DragonFly Speed Wing


The Ozone DragonFly is a versatile and stable hybrid speed wing perfect for pilots of all skill levels. Its new profile and increased trim range improve stability, efficiency, and glide performance, making it an ideal wing for soaring coastal cliffs or carving mountain descents. Whether you're just starting in speed flying or an experienced pilot looking for a reliable partner, the DragonFly has something to offer.

One of the standout features of DragonFly is its launch. The wing is light, immediate in no wind conditions, and forgiving in high wind. This makes it an excellent choice for speed flying instruction and beginner use. The wing's handling is also dynamic and forgiving, with a direct and predictable feel in the brakes. The DragonFly's high level of passive safety is evident in its collapse resistance and fun yet compassionate handling.


Another key advantage of the DragonFly is its increased glide performance and trim range. With a higher top speed and the ability to fly in a broader range of conditions and sites, you can reach more distant landing zones and fly comfortably in stronger winds. The DragonFly comes in two sizes, 16m and 18m, with a weight range of up to 120 kg.

The package contents of the DragonFly include a Speed Wing XL bag, Inner Bag, Glider Strap, Speed Bar, Ozone Stickers, Repair Cloth, and an Ozone Keyring. You can also add something to your order, such as a Saucisse Bag, Easy Bag, or Ozone Clothing and Accessories.

The materials used in the DragonFly include Dominico 30D top surface cloth, Dominico N20D bottom surface cloth, Dominico 30D MF rib cloth (hard), Liros DSL series upper lines, Liros DSL series midlines, and Edelrid 6843 series lower lines.

In conclusion, the Ozone DragonFly is a stable and versatile hybrid speed wing perfect for pilots of all skill levels. Its improved stability, efficiency, and glide performance make it an excellent choice for speed flying instruction, soaring coastal cliffs, or carving mountain descents.

With customization options, you can make your wing as unique as you are. And with Ozone's short lead times, you will immediately have to start flying your DragonFly.