Introducing the MojoMAX: The Perfect Trike Wing for Beginner Pilots!

Introducing the MojoMAX, a revolutionary trike wing designed specifically for beginner pilots. Whether you're just starting out in trike flying or looking to progress your flying skills, the MojoMAX is the ideal wing to help you gain valuable experience with ease and safety.

Built on the foundation of the Mojo Power2, the MojoMAX inherits the impeccable launch and flight characteristics that have made its predecessor a popular choice among pilots. But with the latest technologies and innovations incorporated into its design, the MojoMAX is even better suited to make learning easier.

Featuring a highly efficient profile and roll-reducing winglets, the MojoMAX is capable of exceptional lift at slow speeds while providing unprecedented levels of roll stability in the air and on the ground. It inflates readily and is easy to keep on heading along the runway, resulting in an early and smooth take-off with a fast and efficient climb rate.

Once in the air, the MojoMAX is a joy to fly. Brake response is precise yet forgiving, providing fun handling and easy maneuverability, while the winglets ensure that unwanted roll oscillations are kept to a minimum. Additionally, the winglets actively help the wing exit from spiral dives, providing an extra level of safety for the pilot.

The MojoMAX has been load tested to 250kgs at 8g, which means that its internal structure has been reinforced and the line set beefed up for a larger structural safety margin at high loads. The all-new dedicated risers are shorter than standard for easy access, and feature the latest comfortable handles, A-assist tabs for easier inflation, and a long trimmer range for effortless speed control.

In short, the MojoMAX is the ideal wing for beginner pilots with no experience, as well as qualified pilots who want maximum levels of safety and fun. So if you're looking to learn trike flying or want to take your skills to the next level, the MojoMAX is the wing for you.