Soar in Style and Comfort with the Forza 2: Your Perfect Harness for Long XC Flights

Ozone  Forza 2

Picture this: You're a pilot on an epic cross-country (XC) adventure, cruising through the skies for hours on end. What you need is a harness that not only keeps you safe but also makes you feel like you're flying on a cloud. That's where the Forza 2 comes in – a harness that's been designed to make your XC journey comfortable and unforgettable.

A Labor of Love

The Forza 2 harness isn't something that was whipped up overnight. It's the result of more than three years of hard work and testing by some of the world's best XC pilots. The goal? To create a harness that's not just safe and tough but also incredibly comfy.

Comfort That's Out of This World

Let's talk comfort. The Forza 2's design focuses on making you feel great while you fly. It has a special backrest that's shaped to fit your body perfectly. Plus, they've used different types of foam to give you extra support where you need it most – especially in your lower back. Imagine sitting in your favorite chair for hours; that's what it feels like.

The seat also has a clever little plate that keeps you comfortable and in control. And don't worry about safety – there's a big protector on your back and a low-profile seat protector to keep you safe.

Smart Design for Your Stuff

This harness isn't just about you; it's about your stuff too. They've made sure you have plenty of places to put things. There are two big pockets on the sides that are easy to reach. Need to grab something quickly? There's a handy pocket right above your legs. And you won't believe how roomy the cockpit is!

But wait, there's more. You've got a spot for your battery, some storage under your seat, and a big area at the back with space for a water pouch and a way to get to your drink tube. If you need ballast (extra weight for stability), they've got a special spot for that too.

Easy to Fly and Safe

When you're zipping through the air, you want to know you're safe, right? The Forza 2 has you covered. It's got a big back cover that helps you fly better and stay stable. Even when you're pushing the speed limits, the pod (the part you sit in) stays secure.

Safety is a big deal. There are two spots to store your reserve parachutes, and they're easy to get to. The handles for your reserves are right where you need them. And just in case, they've included a safety knife and strong carabiners.

Everything You Need in One Package

The Forza 2 isn't just a harness; it's a whole package. When you get it, you'll have everything you need – the harness itself, special clips, the pod with a speed system, reserve gear, seat protection, a rescue handle, and a safety knife. It's like getting the full XC pilot starter kit.

In short, the Forza 2 is the harness you've been dreaming of for those long XC flights. It's comfy, safe, and designed with you in mind. So why just dream about your next big adventure? Grab the Forza 2 and make it happen. Happy flying!