Ozone in the 2021 Redbull X-Alps RSS

Ozone in the 2021 Redbull X-Alps

It’s so exciting to have events again! After being on quarantine for so long, we are definitely looking forward to the Red Bull X-Alps! “The Red Bull X-Alps is the world’s toughest adventure race. Founded in 2003, it’s a race across the Alps by foot and paraglider that only the most skilled and strongest athletes are able to take on. It involves speed hiking, ultra running, mountaineering and flying, and requires not only incredible endurance but elite paragliding skills and mental strength. The race takes place every two years. Over 12 days around 30 athletes attempt to cross more than 1,000km of complicated and forbidding alpine terrain via a fixed set of Turnpoints. In the course of a day it’s...

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