Super Lightweight Paragliding Package
Super Lightweight Paragliding Package
Super Lightweight Paragliding Package
Super Lightweight Paragliding Package
Super Lightweight Paragliding Package
Super Lightweight Paragliding Package
Super Lightweight Paragliding Package Australia

Super Lightweight Paragliding Package

Ozone Ultimate Lightweight Package 馃殌聽聽Only 2.87KG

  • Ozone Ultralite 4 - link

  • Ozone Ozo Harness - link

  • Ozone Helmet 'The Shield' - link

Glider + Harness + Helmet = $3990 AUD

Paragliding Shop聽has put an unbeatable lightweight package that every pilot needs. The package includes a glider, reversible harness and helmet all weighing in at 2.87kg.

[[ Glider ]]
Suitable for ALL pilots - new to experienced. The legendary Ozone Ultralite 4 is famous for its performance, reliability and flexibility. Wing alone weighs only 1.9kg

[[ Harness ]]
The OZO lightweight reversible harness is the perfect companion to the Ultralite 4. Only 480grams

[[ Helmet ]]
Lightweight, adjustable shield helmet. Only 390grams

鉁 Hike & Fly
鉁 New pilot
鉁 XC flights
鉁 Super Lightweight
鉁 Take anywhere - super small pack
鉁 Genuine carry on luggage

Product Info

Ozone Ultralite 4 Wing


OZONE鈥檚 research into light-wing construction began back in 2001 with the introduction of the Peak, one of the first modern mountain-specific wings. The Ultralite series followed and has been widely considered the benchmark for Hike & Fly wings ever since. The 4th generation of the Ultralite series is a totally new design that is packed with new features and technology. The UL4 delivers a higher level of efficiency, increased glide performance, higher top speed, more agility, and even easier inflation behaviour. To top it off, the UL4 is a few grams lighter than any previous Ultralite, with an even smaller pack volume!

Over the past 15+ years of lightweight paraglider development here at OZONE, our light wings have launched from the summit of Everest, competed in every edition of the X-Alps, and broken vol-biv distance records around the world. The Ultralite series remains very close to the OZONE R&D Team鈥檚 heart, as everyone on our team is a keen mountain explorer or hike & fly pilot.

As such, the development of our lightweight equipment is continuous, and we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge working with lightweight materials and special construction techniques, which has resulted in a wide range of wings from the innovative single surface XXLite to the X-Alps conquering LM5. The Ultralite 4 incorporates all of this know-how and experience into the lightest wing that we have ever certified. Because the Ultralite is actually a full-sized wing, launching and landing it is as safe and easy as in a normal paraglider, allowing you to use it with confidence in the most extreme conditions: at high altitude, in deep snow, or on the most difficult launches.

The UL4 offers enough performance to thermal, ridge soar, or even go XC with security and comfort. Our aim whilst designing it was to increase the performance, speed, and agility of its predecessors without compromising the safety, durability or pack volume. Its reduced weight is a result of a modern sail construction using an intelligent mix of 27g Porcher Skytex, Dominico N20D, and Dominico N10D, which have a proven track record of longevity.

The new profile, internal structure, and riser design allow the wing to reach a higher top speed with improved efficiency throughout the speed range, thanks to 3D shaping. A 14% reduction in overall line drag and optimised leading edge openings have also improved efficiency. The planform remains similar to its predecessor, with the same low aspect ratio 鈥 this maintains comfort and ease of use, and is the foundation of the Ultralite鈥檚 exceptional safety behaviour. The risers feature an extended speed range, and low-friction rings for additional weight savings.

Fully certified and available in 4 sizes, the Ultralite 4 is suitable for pilots from beginner-intermediate to expert, and a wide range of pilot weights. The Ultralite 4 is designed for hike and fly pilots and anyone who is keen to own a second wing for easy travelling. Although it is a full sized wing in the air, the Ultralite鈥檚 extremely lightweight and compact design folds into an almost pocket size, meaning that you can take it with you anywhere, anytime. Imagine fitting your glider, harness, reserve parachute and helmet all under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment on your next vacation!


You can have fun and be distinctive by choosing your own personal colour combination for your wing. Wings have two to four colour zones and you have many colours to choose from. Have your wing all one colour, multicoloured, or your trademark colour so other pilots recognise you in the air.聽 Customisation incurs a fee ranging from $100 to $200.聽


OZONE has some of the shortest lead times in the industry. Contact your dealer for the current production time.

OZONE offers a range of backpack choices when you order your wing. To change the type of backpack that will come with your wing, please speak with your OZONE Dealer.

Top Surface : Dominico N20D / 10D
Bottom Surface : Porcher 27gr 7000E71
Ribs : Skytex 27 Hard
Upper Lines: Edelrid 8000U
Mid Lines: Edelrid 8000U
Lower Lines: Edelrid 8000U

Manual: EN
Rigging Diagram
Line Chart

Ozone Ozo Harness

The OZO is a reversible harness / backpack made from ultra-lightweight materials. It is designed specifically for use with OZONE鈥檚 range of modern lightweight wings, but can be used with any paraglider.

For over a decade, the OZONE R&D team has been deeply involved with the development of lightweight flying equipment, and the OZO is the culmination of our years of focus combined with the work of the newest engineer on the OZONE R&D Team, Fred Pieri.

Two sizes are available; 26L and 33L, weighing in at 580 and 585g, respectively. Every detail of the OZO鈥檚 construction has been optimized for weight, and it is one of the lightest available reversible harnesses today. Although the OZO is extremely lightweight, it is fully load tested and will last for many seasons of use if properly cared for.

In the backpack configuration, the OZO is comfortable and stable on long ascents. Ultra-light, ergonomic 3D foam straps distribute the load evenly on your shoulders, and there is an adequate internal volume for water, helmet, gloves, etc.

While a certain amount of compromise is unavoidable, we strove to make the OZO comfortable enough for extended flights. Reinforced semi-rigid leg supports spread your weight across a wider section of the harness than other ultra-lightweight mountain/descent harnesses, making soaring and XC flights comfortable. All leg and shoulder straps are fully sewn and buckle free. The harness is adjustable in the air and on the ground.

The two sizes of the OZO (26L & 33L) refer to the volume of the backpack compartment, and not to the harness dimensions, which are the same for both models. The flying harness is available in one size and fits most pilots comfortably. Choose the size of your OZO based on your equipment and its total packed volume.聽

      26L: 580g
      33L: 585g

      Recommended pilot size: 165cms 鈥 190cms
      Buckle-free harness, with shoulder strap length adjustments and real pulleys for speed system. Harness is sold without carabiners.

      Main Panels: Ripstop Nylon
      Pulleys: AUSTRIALPIN Aluminium/copper
      Structural Thread: BAINBRIDGE polyester.
      Structural webbing: Gurth & Wolf Polyester 20mm, TECHNISANGLE Dyneema 7mm
      Shoulder webbing: Polyester 15mm
      Bag cloth: Dominico 40D, Nylon

      Ozone Helmet 'The Shield'

      The SHIELD is EN certified for free flight. A moulded ABS shell and a soft, comfortable, and adjustable EPS liner make it a pleasure to wear on long flights. The ear protector padding is removable.

      it's ultralight: the shield weighs in at just 390 grams! It鈥檚 the perfect option for all types of flying, from XC and vol-biv to speed-flying and PPG.

      The one-size fits all adjustable liner fits a wide range of heads and it is available in two colourways.


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