leGPSBip+ : Solar Vocal GPS logger & Instant Vario
leGPSBip+ : Solar Vocal GPS logger & Instant Vario
leGPSBip+ : Solar Vocal GPS logger & Instant Vario

leGPSBip+ : Solar Vocal GPS logger & Instant Vario

GPS Logger System

Thanks to its GPS Logger System and ultra-fast fix, leGPSBip+ records all your flight paths : 8GB, it means more than 20 000 flights !

Back home, connect your leGPSBip+ to your computer and visualize your flight path easily ! For each flight, leGPSBip+ records your path in two formats (KML and IGC).

Simply open the KML file with Google Earth and experience your flight again ! The recorded file includes all your stats such as max speed, max altitude, max G-Force, total distance and duration.

The IGC file recorded is FAI-CIVL approved. Use it to declare your flights on your national federation (FFVL, DHV, SHV, USHPA, BHPA, …), or to view it in your favourite tracklog software such as XContest, VisuGPS, IGC Webview, Doarama, …


Smart Speaking Assistant

Forget about flying through a screen, free your visual field and listen to the voice of your new solar assistant ! leGPSBip+ can speak on a regular basis of distance, altitude or time, or on demand when you double-tap on it !

leGPSBip+ speaks to you in the language of your choice (13 different languages), and provides you with all the necessary information a paragliding pilot needs (altitude, speed, climb rate, time, flight duration, …).

All of that without interfering with the vario, and of course, because every pilot is unique, everything can be configured or disabled.


Instant Vario Technology

Flying with a variometer has never been so intuitive !

Thanks to the Instant Vario Technology, beeps are instantly linked with your senses and make flying more efficient.

This incredible sensitivity and response time is the result of years of research and engineering, using ultrasensitive accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, and cutting edge technologies of fusion sensors for dead reckoning.

The Instant Vario Technology is not gust sensitive (at take-off, and while flying), unlike the conventional pressure sensor variometers (95% of the vario market).


Solar-powered and large battery

Free your mind and go fly without thinking about battery level !

leGPSBip+ is solar powered and for cloudy days, it includes an internal li-polymer battery, with 20% more capacity than the one in leGPSBip1.

The instrument is always charging through its mono-crystalline solar cell (22% efficiency), and thanks to the MPPT (maximum power point tracking) controller. leGPSBip+ charges even when switched OFF, giving you more than 20h autonomy if used without sun*.

In case leGPSBip+ is discharged, you can still use the fast charge on USB : 30min via USB gives you many hours of flying !



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