AIR³ Power Base

AIR³ Power Base

Air³ Power Base= Air³ Fabric Base + Air³ Solar Powerbank.

IR³ Power Base = AIR³ Fabric Base + AIR³ Solar Powerbank.

All the advantages of the AIR³ Fabric Base and the AIR³ Solar Powerbank.

The AIR³ Power Base can be used either with the Air³, or with any other flight instrument(s).

The AIR³ Solar Powerbank has a capacity of 20.000 mAh with 2 X 5V/2A USB to charge 2 different devices while flying.


You can use the AIR³ Fabric Base either flat or tilted and set your instruments on it.

The AIR³ Solar Power Base is inserted in the pocket and ready to be used. there is a special compartment to keep the USB cables ready to be used.

Whenever needed, you can pull the USB cable connected to the AIR³ Solar Powerbank and connect it to your instrument to get additional energy.



In addition to the benefits listed for any instruments, if you use this Base with the AIR³, you can use it as a carrying case for AIR³.



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